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Welcome to Dynamic Learning Student Online

On this site you can access a range of free digital resources to support the content in your textbook, such as video clips, audio files, photos and illustrations, web links, animated activities and quizzes, and much more.

You can access these resources outside of school or college any time and anywhere - whether you're at home, in the library or at an internet café - just by logging into this site using your e-mail address and the free code in the front of your textbook.

As well as supporting your learning outside school or college, the Dynamic Learning Student website helps you to revise effectively. The search facility on the site helps you to find relevant resources in an instant, such as tests and quizzes that allow you to check your understanding of the topic you are revising.

To get started please either log in using your registered e-mail address (registered users) or register your e-mail address (new users).

Welcome to Dynamic Learning Student Online